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- [ t h e  p l a y e r s ] -

eric walker.
lead programmer, developer


Eric has been programming since our dabblings in Q-Basic back in 7th grade.
He's come a long way since then, and deserves much credit for his late nights
codeing. Eric has libraries of programming books at his disposal, and is confidant
that any problems that arise can be overcome.

"Learn before you are taught."

- [ t h e  p l a y e r s ] -

scott stanfield.
hardcore programmer


Scott is one of our oldest friends yet newest member of our team. An individual
who shows a great amount of natural programming ability and possibility. Scott
does more or less the brunt of the programming and is an invaluable part of ominous.
There are no walls in programming for Scott.

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- [ t h e  p l a y e r s ] -

joe saucedo.
developer, storyteller


Being a many facited individual, Joe is a great storyteller. He can create a world in which
nothing is as it should be, yet is wholey possible. Everything down to the
finest detail is considered and honed until it is perfect. Imagination
is the key to a good game story and design, and
Joe has plenty of it.

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- [ t h e  p l a y e r s ] -

chris mcgarry.


Former programmer gone renegade, Chris has had one foot in programming and one
in graphic design since the days of q-basic and D-draw. Nowadays, Rhino and Adobe
Photoshop along with a host of others are included in his arsinal of art. Lack of any
natural artistic ability has not been a problem.

"Perhaps lunacy is the minority of one."

- [ t h e  p l a y e r s ] -

bret alferi.
3d artist


Bret has been toying with 3d graphics for quite some time now and really hit the big time.
With new things being developed every day, Bret has a large job of texturing
and designing all the things created. In the true sense of the words, Bret creates worlds.

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