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- [ A D V A N C E D  T R A I N I N G  M A N U A L ] -

The Starsiege TRIBES Strategy Guide
                                        by RAGEx2 (edited by [OBF]Satan. My comments will be in red.)

  Introduction to the TRIBES Strategy Guide

  During the course of playing Tribes I have found many different types of strategies. This site will change a lot during the
  next few months, the reason for this is that I am not as knowledgeable and resourceful as I would like to think I am,
  and therefore I will think of strategies that might not actually work.

  In this GUIDE, you will see descriptions of their weapons and other items you can get in the game. Also, and this will be
  the most important part of the GUIDE by far, I will have a section on popular strategies on how to best play in TRIBES
  when you are playing on a team.

  This guide has two purposes:
  1)To teach the players how to play as an effective team in TRIBES matches.
  2) To improve your own personal skills to make you an excellent player.

  Although this page might focus mainly on CTF (capture the flag), I would like to stress that these strategies will work in
  all games such as Capture and Hold & Defend and Destroy.

      This site was created by the ideas and strategies of many Tribesman, such as [Inq]Inquis, ADO,
      Ska2600/C_Chocula, Bytor, Farenheight, Jon, Colonel Gaidin, Pand-amon, da Insomniax,
      T3MPLAR, Knight,, Crusader[BT], houdini, Syrush{VNM}, Ambush Bug and OCHSE.
      The strategies these Tribesman have created may conflict with each other (as in differences in opinion about
      what is the best tactic to use in a certain situation). I have tried to include all these in the Strategy Guide
      because it gives you good idea about what the best and the brightest use to win.

  Consider this guide a compendium of information gathered from web pages and matches to create, hopefully, the most
  comprehensive guide to playing Starsiege TRIBES.


  There are many different types of armor, weapons, packs, and vehicles. Before you try advanced strategies, try to learn
  all of the various armor types and weapons types to the best of your ability, so that in any given situation, you may
  change your tactics to fit the gameplay. (see BASIC TRAINING MANUAL) After you have mastered most of the types
  of items, you may move on to becoming a better player by learning the dynamics of all the different types of objectives.

   Capture the Flag is one of the most popular (if not the MOST popular) of the scenarios. This game demands a
  strong defense & offense, because your not much of a team if you constantly capture the flag and leave your defense at
  nil (aka they capture your flag repeatedly aswell). Most players will use fast Light armor types to capture the flag, and
  heavy armor types for defense. All the while, medium armor tribesman help the light armor and heavy armor types
  complete their missions and duties. Don't get me wrong, medium armor types are just as effective at getting into a base
  and getting the flag, but their speed is far below that of a light armor type, so their best asset to a team is to grab an
  ELF gun and destroy enemy turrets and ELF guns.

   Capture and Hold- This scenario demands a team that is good at defending. Capturing a base is much easier than,
  holding it for the remainder of the game. This scenario demands for masses of Heavy armor Tribesman, armed to the
  teeth with Plasma guns and mortars. Have Medium armor types deploy turrets and mines surrounding the base, and
  have light armor types use Laser rifles to snipe at the unsuspecting victims. Designate two teams, whenever you want to
  capture an objective. One team that is designated to getting into the base and holding it, till the other team goes in, and
  sets up defenses. Then when the base is yours, have the first team, go on into the next objective, and split the
  defending team, in half, and do it again.

   Defend and Destroy- Welcome to a natural instinct. This scenario is a little bit easier than the first two, because you
  don't have multiple objectives to defend, and you dont have to run back to your base, in harms way. You need two
  teams, one for defense one for offense. Have the Offensive team use anything that you can: Vehicles for fleet travel to
  the enemy base, Vehicles to ram into enemy defenses (such as turrets), Heavy armor types to mortar the enemy base,
  Light armor types to distract the enemy while the heavies and mediums do their dirty work, Mediums to enter the
  enemy base and destroy enemy generators. Have the defensive team armed with grenades and Repair packs, so to not
  limit your defenses when your generators get destroyed.

   Find and Retrieve- This is an extremely hard scenario to master. The mission is sometimes considered Capture the
  FLag on steroids, because now you have to watch out for enemies, while you have to return MULTIPLE objectives back
  to your base. This demands a few things: Try to have a good group of snipers and dog fighters, which will utilize their
  skills to kill the enemy while they search for the flags. Have good defense to protect the objectives (usually flags), use
  the common strategies used in most other objectives. Try to use vehicles, if available, to flee with the flag.

   Deathmatch- Good 'ol Fraggin. Although this isn't the most popular of the Tribes scenarios (probably because it is
  the EXACT opposite of what the game was designed to be, ie TEAMPLAY), the deathmatch scenario is good to play,
  because it hightens your skills as a player. Most people frown on deathmatch, but the aspect of this they don't
  understand is that when you are playing on a team, playing any of the above scenarios, the most common thing you will
  be doing is battling players for control of something. If you don't have good fighting skills, you will be killed repeatedly.
  Your frequent death doesn't make you a good asset to the team, because you waste valuable time having to get back to
  the enemy base where you were fighting at (or you may have been killed defending your base, and the enemy now has
  your flag). So, in my opinion, i suggest all players should log many hours heightening their skills fighting in deathmatch
  scenarios. If you decrease your own deaths, by only 10%, that is a major improvement and your team will play better
  because of it.

  Rules of Thumb

Weapon Descriptions and Strategies for Usage

  Blaster: An energy gun, that you start with by default, that drains ammo from your energy bar. Rapid fire, but not a
   lot of damage ( except to turrets ). (I've personally not seen the effects of blasters on turrets.. must confirm)

      Strategy: Although this gun has great range, and is useful for destroying large turrets and other enemy
      targets because of your infinite ammo, it is ill suited for close proximity warfare. The best strategy for this
      weapon is to use it for attacks against flying craft and turrets, because of its immaculate range and great aim.
      If possible, get teams to attack large turrets with blasters mounted, and they will fall in no time.

      This weapon should not be used simultaneously with the jetpack or you will either be a one-shot wonder or
      have the vertical leap of Andre the Giant. While it can damage a lumbering Myrmidon severely, it is likely that
      the big guy will mortar you to Pluto first. Firing on the run is fairly futile as well. This is a weapon best used
      for sniping by medium or heavy armor (since they can't carry the laser rifle) or as a weapon of last resort for
      the light armor (since they run out of ammo easily). (again, I have personally found absolutely NO use for this
      weapon, i wouldn't suggest using it if your on Defense or Mid fielding. Perhaps base raping, but again, much
      better weapons are at your disposal.)

  Chaingun: A gattling gun of sorts, that you start with by default.

      Strategy: Range is its weakness. So is ammo. Best used for destroying enemy devices and air targets,
      because it shoots a spread of bullets. (unless your very talented at leading off and compensating for lag,
      this is a negligible weapon. I suggest only using it to sop up enemies who are already very damaged.)

  Disc Launcher: A rocket Launcher of sorts, that you start with by default. This gun generally can only hold 15 ammo,
  and therefore should be shot at a minimum. (i.e. make every shot count.)

      Strategy: It is a very powerful weapon for destroying your enemy with. The most useful part about
      weapons of this sort, like in the rocket launcher's in the quake series, is the fact that they have something
      called 'SPLASH DAMAGE', which is this: When you fire an explosive object at something, it creates a
      shock wave that combusts everything in its path. Therefore a 4 inch disc is hard to aim at a target moving 30
      miles per hour. So, aim at the ground near him, and the splash damage will surely hit him. A good strategy
      for this weapon is to shoot walls and the floors around people, and not only will they be shot and therefore
      lose health, but they will be thrown about, and therefore be disoriented.

      Now, given the extended wait between disk launches, the Stormhammer is not recommended when faced
      with turrets or shielded opponents. This is because by the time you get your second and third disks out, their
      shield power is all the way back up to maximum and you are effectively wasting precious ammunition and

      Where the Stormhammer really shines is its dual purpose in sniping and in taking out solo or grouped
      enemies. One trick I was told was to use the Stormhammer in conjunction with the laser rifle. Usually in the
      midst of a tight war, there is always one or two enemies that are standing or crouching prone. Launch a disk
      at the target. Switch to the laser rifle and zoom in. When the disk is just about to hit, fire, your target's life
      will most likely be in the red zone or perhaps low yellow -- by the time he realizes this, the disk hits home
      and you have got yourself one less threat to deal with. (this almost never works. unless your opponent is
      stoned, and doesn't move for extend periods of time, this tactic is more or less USELESS.) As for grouped
      and solo targets, you should always aim a few feet in front of your target(s), chances are they will misjudge
      your aim as a miss then charge headlong into your disk. (most players aren't this stupid.)

      The slopes and valleys of Tribes also helps in the effectiveness of the Stormhammer. More often than not,
      you will find yourself chasing an enemy up or down a mountainside with little chance of slowing down your
      pace of attack. In cases like these, if you are pursuing an enemy going up a mountain, you should not waste
      ammo firing up because you cannot utilize a "backdrop" hit (where you fire at a flat surface next to an enemy
      catching them in the blast) since the mountain is sloping inward. However, if you are the pusuer from above
      an enemy, always fire ahead of their position in hopes of timing it so you have more direct hits than near

- must read! -

      (One of the big tricks to using this weapon is to lead off. I'm sure you've heard this a thousand times,
      but here I'll tell you how to actually do it. Say your sparing with an opponent, 1 on 1. Most of the time,
      he'll be in the air, hoping do avoid the splash damage of your spinfuser hitting the ground near him.
      Given that energy runs out, he has to hit the ground sometime. Usually, as he runs out of energy, he
      has none to maneuver from his last trajectory, and its usually pretty obvious where he is going to land.
      Aim for the spot where your opponent is going to land, when he lands. Also, you have to take into
      account the time it takes for the disk to travel from you to the spot on the ground your target is going
      to land on. These are the skills that constitute a great player. The last variable you must take into account
      when using the spinfusor in this situation is the direction YOU are traveling in. Think of it like throwing
      a ball out of a car window at 60 miles per hour. The ball will travel in a strait line out of the car, in relation
      to the car, but not the ground. The ball will travel at an angle relative to the ground. So will your spinfusor
      when your moving, jumping, jetting, etc. So if you are moving, jetting across the country side, and you
      shoot at a spot on the ground, the fusor will have the momentum of the direction you are traveling as well,
      usually hitting to one side of your intended target. You MUST take the direction you are traveling into
      consideration in order to hit the exact spot your opponent is going to land. Short example: say you are
      jetting/strafing in the air from left to right. If you aim and shoot directly at the spot you want to hit, your disk
      will land to the right of your target. If you lead off, and aim a bit to the left of your target, when jumping left
      to right, your disk will land closer to your intended target. These are the skills you need to master to
      become a great player: judgment of where your opponent will land, timing your disk so it reaches the
      spot he will land when the opponent reaches that spot, and compensation for the momentum your moving
      self gives to your disk. Master these, and you will be a deadly force indeed. -satan)

  Grenade Launcher: An explosive weapon with one purpose, to cause massive hemorrhaging. Limited ammo, so be

      Strategy: Shoot at enemy devices, and they will blow sky high. Shoot at people, and they will feel a pain
      like never before. Shoot into the doors into enemy bases, so to clear out potential threats to getting a safe

      Grenade Launchers are not terribly accurate, and since they must be lobbed at the target, the enemy has time
      to react. In close combat, the Grenade Launcher is a liability, as the grenades fly beyond the enemy and
      explode uselessly. (mmm.... no.) Grenades have a tendency to bounce off walls and ricochet back into your face.
      (mmm.. yes.) Ammo is very limited, only 10 rounds for a Pelotas (light armor). Worst of all is the Grenadier who
      launches wildly, blowing up his own teammates as well as the bad guys.

      (I've yet to master this weapon, but it's significance is great. I'll try to have a friend of mine who's very very good
      with it write a strategy for using it effectively in 1 on 1 combat.)

   Plasma Gun: A Plasma based weapon that uses special ammo, that shoots orange bursts of plasma that are about 3
  feet in diameter for a decent distance.

      Strategy: This weapon is extremely accurate, but has adequate, at best, range. It does c reate splash
      damage (see the disc launcher), but the explosions take off a lot less than is expected. It has good firing
      speed, and is great for taking out any player if you have good aim. This is a good weapon to use if you are
      either the Heavy (definitely!) or Medium armor guys, but the disc launcher seems to be more effective because of the
      increase in splash damage.

      Like the Stormhammer, you don't want to get caught in a close combat situation with this gun without some
      distance between you and the enemy (but much less than with the Stormhammer. i.e., good for indoor combat).
      Therefore I suggest using the plasma gun when you are in the air firing down on an unsuspecting target's head.
      Learn to gauge the distance while you are airborne. Firing around your target can be just as effective as a
      dead-on hit because of the damage radius of each plasma burst. This trick also disorients your ene y and will
      eventually cause them to run straight into a plasma burst. (uhmm.. no.)

      Along with the awesome punch comes the price tag. The Plasma Gun has a much shorter useful range than
      the Blaster, and is far less accurate. It requires Plasma ammo, which runs out quickly in the heat of battle.
      Light armored Peltasts can carry only 30 rounds, for example (usually, a good enough amount by the time
      you get killed, anyway). Splash damage is also a two-way street. You can easily kill yourself by striking
      walls or objects that are too close to you. There is nothing more disheartening than gloating over the
      helplessness of an opponent, and then blowing yourself away by accident.

  Mortar: A super powerful explosive grenade that makes a shock wave that decimates anything in its path. Only a
  heavy can carry this.

      Strategy: When your teammate shoots the target with the targeting laser, a line will shoot upwards from
      the target's location. This line will have two blue triangles on it. Pick one of these triangles, zoom in on it,
      and shoot at the *point* of the triangle. If you shoot at the lower triangle the shell will get there faster, but it
      will be more obvious where the shot is coming from, and it may not get over hills and such.

      Note that if you are out of range, there will be only a green triangle on the target. The line and blue triangles
      will not appear.

      Remember, you can make use of the targeting laser with all the weapons, though it is especially useful for
      the grenade launcher and mortar.

      Another rarely (haha! uhm, no!) used aspect of the mortar is close-range combat. Chances are, you will
      be in the enemy base or have enemy troops jetting all around you in attempts to end your life quickly. In
      both cases, you have to know just how large the mortar explosion radius is to maximize the damage on
      your target(s) and have enough time to get out of harm's way. Shooting around corners, using angled
      shots, and knowing when to sacrifice yourself to take out an objective (or many opponents) all plays a
      critical role in your effectiveness with the mortar.

      Used in conjunction with a shield pack (or without), the mortar can be used as a scatter weapon when in confined spaces
      with enemy troopers. Just fire it, watch them run to the four winds, and then you are left with some time to
      fire some damaging shots at key equipment. Or, if you find yourself cornered, fire as many mortars as you
      can at the enemy. Chances are their armor won't be able to withstand the onslaught and you will come out
      with a few dings on your armor.

      When firing at far moving targets, make sure to give yourself a comfortable lead -- it takes a few seconds for
      the mortar to travel the distance. When dealing with other heavies, fire the mortar at their feet and the
      direction they are moving. Most likely they will catch the blast directly underneath them and will be severely
      wounded (or off balance).

      (One of THE most devistating things i've seen a heavy with mortars do is don a shield pack and be dropped
      off at an enemies rooftop. Usually it takes 4 to 5 guys to take him down, but not before he can level plenty of
      their base. We'll work on this in training.)

  Laser Rifle: A sniper rifle for headhunters. Takes energy from your meter.

      Strategy: Shoot people in the head and it takes of more damage than in any part of the body. oh, and use
      the zoom button for this weapon. (DUH..)

      The Laser Rifle can only be carried by a light armor type, and must be accompanied by an Energy Pack.
      Since the Laser sends a bright red streak across the sky, your position is no secret once you start firing.
      Lasers are not capable of one-shot kills unless the target is already low on health. (then its not a one shot

      How to get it: Go to a supply station. Make sure you have purchase the light armor. Since the light armor
      can only carry three weapons, double-click one of the weapons on the left to sell it. You will then be able to
      purchase the laser rifle. Note that the laser rifle requires an energy pack, however, it will be purchased
      automatically when you buy the laser rifle.

      (I started sniping right away when I started playing tribes. Its a good skill to have, though not many players
      are truly skilled enough to use it effectively. For base defense, good snipers must be able to pick off incoming
      enemies on the move, then move in for the kill if they are unable to finish the job. More than likely, if you've
      got someone dedicated on defense that you KNOW will get to an enemy before the enemy has a chance
      to take out anything of value (flag, gens, stations, etc..), don't bother going after him. Let the defensmen do
      his job. Stay sniping to pick off other incoming enemies. Offensively, its wise to sit outside a base and wait
      till you see a defensmen patrolling. Take a shot at him, and then move in for the kill with spinfusor, plasma,
      whatever. After you knock him out, make a run for whatever you went offensive to do. I'll have more laser
      strategies later.)

  Targeting Laser: This helps Mortar gun users see a target. Shoot this at an enemy target and all the mortar users
  will see the target vividly.

      Strategy: This tool doesn't count as a weapon, so it doesn't count on your maximum carrying limit. Use this
      weapon to help out your mortar wielding heavies. Paint the target from a distance, and all the heavy armor
      tribesman will be able to lob mortars at the enemy by aiming their crosshairs at the tip of the triangle that is
      at the top of the blue beam that shows up.

      (EVERY player should have one. Make it a part of all your favorites)

  ELF Gun: A weapon designed to destroy (or hinder) electronic devices like enemy turrets.


      This weapon is very powerful addition to any players configuration if they are a search and destroy type of
      guy. The purpose of this gun is shoot an electric charge at an enemy electronic device, lowering its energy
      and/or shields. This gives you the ability to take out turrets in quick attacks.

      To attack a turret, run up to it and start firing your ELF gun at it. A few seconds later, plow the turrets by
      lobbing grenades at it (while still shooting your ELF at it) (in teams of two, obviously). The turret will blow
      up in moments. This works a bit better if you do it in tandem, while on player shoots at it from afar with a
      gun like the blaster, so that the turret will shoot at him not you. This gun is also useful for taking down shields
      on heavy armor types.

      (again, i've found little use for this weapon. I would not recommend using it. If anyone has any good strategies
      on using it effectively, please let me know.)

  Deployable Weapons

  Mines: Deployable mines that dig themselves in the ground, and instantly kill a person if walked over.
              Buy this at a weapons console station.

      Strategy:Mines are defensive weapons only. They are usually dropped next to the flag or at a vulnerable
      entrance to your base. Stepping on a mine is absolutely fatal to light armor, and seriously alter the confident
      attitudes of medium and heavy armor wearers.

      Always warn your teammates where you have deployed mines. Mines will blow up on their own team,
      so don't become a TK (team killer) because you forgot to mention the locations of the mines.

      Deploy these near enemy bases, such as next to their weapons buying stations. Also, deploy these near
      your flag. (Defensmen should ALWAYS mine the flag, and let the team know that our flag is mined. Once
      you hear that the opponents flag has been captured by our team, DESTROY THE MINE. I cant stress this

      (There is a trick to the correct placement of mines in your base, or an enemies. NEVER place them in
      direct line of sight, unless you believe it will server a purpose. ALWAYS place them right around corners,
      where the enemy won't see them until its too late. Usually, right next to the inside wall of the corner. Your
      enemy will whip around the corner in hopes to catch you leaving the base and BAM, no more enemy. Be
      creative in placement. Don't lay a mine in the same place in an enemy base every time.. they'll begin to
      catch on. Mines are a VERY useful tool, so we will be going over their use extensively in training. Also, on
      another note, if you happen to be killed by a mine from a teammate, do not get angry and yell at that person.
      They cant possibly tell you where EVERY mine is going to be, so just accept it and move on. Shoot corners
      where you think mines might hinder your entrance, whether they were put there by your team or the other.
      Also, there are very nice (dark) places in maps to hide mines in the way of enemies. Find them, and USE them.)

  Turrets: Deployable gun turrets that have infinite ammo.

      How to deploy: Go to an inventory station, change to either medium or heavy armor, and then buy a
      Deployable turret. Go to a good spot which needs protection and press 'P' (or whichever other button
      you have it bound to). If it says 'to much interference from other turrets in the area' , that means there
      are to many turrets in the immediate vicinity, so choose a spot thats farther away. If its 'Out of range'
      you are aiming your cursor to far away from yourself, so try to aim closer to your feet. (just move your
      crosshair around and hit 'P' repeatedly until its deployed. Its also important to place turrets facing the
      direction your expecting company. It takes time for them to spin around and start firing. Time that could
      be better used killing an enemy.)

      (Like mines, place turrets in places where they will be within rage of fire on the enemy before the enemy
      has a chance to see it. UNLIKE mines, do not place them directly around corners. There are also many
      nice (dark) places in maps to put turrets that make them difficult to be seen. An example would be in
      Broadside, in the gen room, in the corners on the same wall as the gens. They are very dark, and
      conceal turrets nicely. Like mines, its also important to place turrets in places that the enemy cannot see
      from a distance, such as right in back of tiny verticals that the enemy has to jump/jet over to get to your
      base. By the time they can see the turret, the are passed it, having jetted over it and the turret is ripping
      up the enemy.)

   Grenades: Great for moshing on large turrets and throwing at enemies when they are following you.

              Strategy: These are very useful in tandem with the ELF gun, when your in a
              destructive mood. Try to bind a key to 'Throw Grenade' that's easy for you to reach.
              Another great strategy for this is if your being chased by hordes of followers, turn
              around and lob a few grenades in your enemies path. The grenades explosion (splash
              damage) will make short notice of them.


          TRIBES has 3 distinct armor types: Light, Medium and Heavy Armor. Each has its own pro's and
          con's, and specific uses. Read the following for input on which might be right for you:

          Light Armor

          Light armor is the weakest of all armor types. It gives you adequete protection from shots, but
          usually a few direct hits to your body will put you 6 feet under. The advantage of this armor
          though its speed and agility. You have the capability of flying far and running faster than with any
          other armor type. This is quite useful for escapades in deep enemy territory were you have to
          dodge explosions.
          When using this armor type, you should use either the shield pack or the energy pack. The shield
          pack will give you reasonable protection from enemy fire, and the energy pack will give you
          ridiculous flight-height. Flag capturer's should learn to use this armor type, because of its raw
          speed and flight ability. If you are good at using a jetpack and light armor, running around on a
          map begins to seem slow, because most of the advanced jetpackers, can fly 90% of the time
          barely having to touch down on the ground.
          Another great advantage of the light armor is its ability to have the Laser Rifle. It is the ONLY one
          that can carry the laser rifle. Medium Armor

          Medium armor is exactly what the name denotes, a medium choice between heavy and light
          armor types. It has much more protection against shots than light armor does, but this also
          brings a downside. Medium armor doesn't have quite the flight and speed abilities that light
          armor does. This, for the most part, hinders you from capturing the flag. Not that i am saying
          that medium armor types can't capture the flag, but as for a team aspect: Medium armor types
          are much more useful guarding the flag capturers then getting the flag. The increase in armor
          gives them the ability to carry the grenade launcher and the plasma gun, which are both deadly
          weapons (especially considering medium armors speed over the heavy armor). When choosing
          your favorite weapon's configuration for this armor, keep in mind that you should have a lot
          projectile weapons and possibly something that assists your disadvantage (slowness, lack of flight
          height), i.e. Shield pack, Energy Pack, Repair pack

          Heavy Armor

          Do you want the good or the bad?

          The Good
          You have the ability to carry the mortar gun, possibly the most powerful weapon there is in the
          You are incredibly strong (armor), you can take direct shots with most weapons and still live.
          You can shoot a mortar at your feet and live (if you have the shield pack).
          You can mortar jump.

          The Bad
          You are slow. Not just slow, but SLOOOOOOWWWWW. You walk 5 miles an hour. If you want to
          get to the other side of the map, to attack the enemy base, it'll take you 5 - 10 minutes.
          You can't fly. I mean, you CAN fly, but not high enough that it ever really helps you. So forget
          buying an energy pack, it won't help you unless you really like energy weapons.


          To get in one, jump in it. To get out of one, jump out of it. Buy these at vehicle console stations.

          Scout: A fast, light armored ship with missiles for guns and great maneuverability. To get in
          one, jump in it. To get out of one, jump out of it. Buy these at vehicle console stations.

              Strategy: Fly over enemy base, jump out, grab flag, jump back in, fly home, capture

              Also, good for defense against enemy ships attacking base.

          Other vehicles: Slow, not maneuverable, more armor, great for carrying a lot of people to a
          specific destination and ramming into enemy defenses.