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Ominous Development did not
have a definite beginning as many other
companies or design teams do. More, Ominous evolved
from a group of friends with a common interest in computers,
and art in general. Our goals consist of creating games that we would
like to play. We strive to leave the player not thinking "You know, if they just
added this, it would have been all the better." Were looking to be apart of the game
revolution that makes games fun and engrossing once again. We believe that games are just
another way to envelop the player in a newly created world, that by some fluke of the imagination,
just might be real. We are gamers. We make games for gamers. We share a common view that knowledge
is the key to life and those that blindly accept and refuse to question whats told to them are not doing
their part to push the evolution of man and human society. If you know us personally, you know
that we have quite different views on may topics. We look at things through the often
neglected views of logic and reason. Check out more information about our
members and projects to learn more. Above all,
let reality set in.

Chris McGarry, 3D artist

Sunday, November 22, 1998